Members Assisting Peers

"No man is an island." Or so goes the saying. However, school board members often feel like they're the lone person on an island when it comes to facing challenging situations. The goal of MASB's Members Assisting Peers program is to provide caring support and assistance to board members throughout the state to ensure success at the local level. This will be accomplished through a network of highly skilled and trained board members that provide support by listening, clarifying, recommending resources and redirecting the board member to resolve issues with the local team.

Who are MAP Mentors?

The MAP mentors are a team of veteran school board members who can be called on to help walk you through those challenging situations, or to serve as a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas. The mentors have been selected in part due to their extensive experience as a school board member, but even more so for their ability to exemplify honesty, integrity, confidentiality and trust. They are people you can turn to for advice.

MAP mentors aren't here to make decisions for you, but rather identify options that can help you make the best decision possible. They are here to share their experience with you, and help you become a more effective school leader.

How Can a MAP Mentor Help?

MAP mentors are trained in specific peer assistance techniques and can assist by:

  • Listening and acting as a confidant
  • Asking questions that help clarify and identify the problem
  • Directing you to supportive resources and materials
  • Helping you to understand governance and the role of a school board member
  • Encouraging participation in training and professional development opportunities
  • Helping you discover your own solutions to your challenges

Our mentors are ready to offer their services to both new and veteran board members across the state who may be looking for answers to questions about board service.

Members Assisting Peers Directory