Online Survey Service

MASB has the solution to your survey needs. Count on MASB's professional and knowledgeable staff to create research-based, customized survey questions; disseminate the survey; analyze results; and provide recommendations.

Surveys provide an effective means for gauging community perceptions and support for your school. Community input and feedback are the best ways to drive your strategic planning and goal-setting process. Unfortunately, they typically take a considerable amount of time to create, distribute and collect. Not anymore! With MASB's new online survey service, we've solved your distribution and collection problems--all with confidentiality and anonymity in mind.


  • Anonymous and confidential from neutral outside source
  • MASB creates questions with best practices and research in mind
  • Analysis and recommendations for future action that impacts governance and student achievement, while showing your community that you value their input
  • Fast and simple to complete
  • Better response rate
  • Immediate results
  • No worries of stakeholders having to receive and open attachments
  • Stakeholders don't have to download any software
  • Reduce employee time for data compiling
  • Reduce mailing and printing costs
  • More professional and technical format
  • Leads your client back to your homepage
  • Can link to your survey from your website's homepage for continual input
  • Customized process to evaluate and engage your community and stakeholders
  • Used for individual programs for comprehensive campaigns
  • Shows you're on the leading edge


MASB has a variety of pricing options available to meet your district's needs. Prices start as low as $500, but to receive a customized quote contact Stacy Washington at or 517.327.5936.