DashBoard, Sept. 2, 2020

School board members and school employees are required to abide by Michigan’s Campaign Finance Act while campaigning in support of a political candidate. The following points may be used by school districts as a guide in determining the legal parameters of involvement for board members and school employees in political campaigns.

The 2020 Census is nearing its final collection stage as efforts continue to ensure all residents are counted. Unfortunately, the state has one less month to complete the count than previously planned. This change was made by the Trump administration to help ensure the data is collected and analyzed by the end of the calendar year. The new timeline is being challenged in federal court; however, the state is moving forward, assuming collection efforts will end by Sept. 30, 2020.

You’re in a tough spot—a reporter has called you out of the blue with questions on an issue you’re either not up to speed on or don’t want to talk about—what do you do?

DashBoard, Sept. 16, 2020

Since the filing deadline for this year’s board elections has passed (July 22, 2020), your district may find itself needing to fill vacant positions. The law provides 30 days for the local school board to find a replacement board member before it is incumbent upon your intermediate school district to step in and take charge of the appointment process. To ensure that your board retains its control over this vital aspect of local district governance, it is very important to begin soliciting candidates as soon as possible.


Registration for all Legislative Priority Setting Meetings is now open! These meetings will be held by region over the next seven weeks to bring together board members, superintendents and MASB’s Government Relations staff to brainstorm on what your Association’s focus should be for the 2021-2022 legislative session.

As Leola Wilson recently embarked on the beginning of her retirement, she reflected on her time with the Saginaw Intermediate School District’s Board of Education. “You don’t really realize it’s been that long until you stop to think about it,” said Wilson of her 45 years of service. 

Parents, students, school staff members and others are encouraged to nominate outstanding public school educators for the Michigan Lottery’s 2020-2021 Excellence in Education 

DashBoard, Sept. 30, 2020

Throughout the history of education, there have been buzzwords that bring change, impact and power. Those acts of change can be monumental or can be minimal. But when you hear the word, you will know what you did in that moment. As a school leader, I have had to understand that words, phrases and programs will come and go. I need to be knowledgeable and understand what will truly help transform education.

We get quite a few calls here in the MASB Legal Department regarding school board members who are interested in taking on increased roles within their district, such as volunteering as an assistant athletics coach, helping out in the classroom as a substitute or perhaps becoming a part-time school bus driver. These questions often concern whether or not such positions create a “conflict of interest” with the individual’s position as a school board member.

Senate Bill 927, the budget deal for the upcoming fiscal year that starts tomorrow, was agreed to unanimously by Conference Committee on September 23. It then passed both the House and Senate with very little debate and by wide margins that same day.

Many people are working from home and your external auditors are no exception. Fortunately, most audit firms have been investing in technology and were already working in a paperless environment. But auditors haven’t faced a situation where everything might have to be done remotely—until now. Learn about actions you can encourage your administrators to take to facilitate this transition.