DashBoard, Aug. 7, 2019

In the July 24 DashBoard, we covered several summer programs being offered by local and intermediate districts around the state. We heard about so many amazing opportunities that we wanted to be sure to share them all. Part II covers offerings of meals and family events, math and literacy refreshers, sports camps, as well as hands-on experiences.

As a school board member, you are the voice of your local school district. When you speak on local school issues, you speak for the voters who elected you. You understand the needs and concerns of your school and are best equipped to advocate for them with your state legislator. All of these things give you more credibility with legislators.

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba spoke with Cara Lougheed, Michigan’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. Listen to the full conversation through the following links or read a transcript of an excerpt.

DashBoard, Aug. 21, 2019

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba spoke with the President of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwestern Michigan Frank Mumford.

As a school board member, you know there are many facets to your role. To be effective, you access resources and tools to help you understand areas you’re unfamiliar with. It may even feel like you’re learning a new language.

This fall will be a busy time in the Michigan Legislature as they come back to work and focus on passing the budget. Funding for schools and changes to MPSERS have been at the forefront of budget negotiations. That is why it is now more important than ever to contact your Senator or Representative. Our staff at MASB meet with legislators frequently, but we need your help to reinforce our message to protect and increase school funding. Many of you already have relationships with your local legislators and your voice carries a lot of weight because of that. For those who don’t have a close relationship, now is the time to start building it.

By David R. Youngstrom, CPA

The annual audit process can at times seem routine, but seize this opportunity to ask your auditor questions about your organization’s audit, or about challenges in the finance department or business office. Consider these five questions that we auditors wish our clients would ask us.