DashBoard, Dec. 6, 2017

It is heartwarming to read a story, hear about or witness people doing their part to make our world a better place. This is a trait that is inherent to most teachers.

Microscope Mondays in a Calumet math class. A Chesaning reading consultant who is getting her commercial driver's license in order to drive a bus of reading materials around the community to spur early childhood literacy. Partnering with faith-based organizations in Alpena to provide weekend and summer meals to children in need.

We seem to be mired in a culture where unsubstantiated claims and untruths are spewed out and attempted to be passed off as facts. No one is better served by that, not even the hucksters who try to peddle those tarnished and rusted wares.

Michigan voters have a fundamental right reserved by the State Constitution, Article II, Section 8, to recall “elective” public officials from office. The recall process applies to all public officers elected by the people, aside from judges.

DashBoard, Dec. 13, 2017

While Congress has been busy attempting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and passing tax cuts that could negatively impact schools across the country, it has also failed to reauthorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Without CHIP, thousands of Michigan children could lose access to health care and numerous other services as soon as April 2018, putting them at risk of missing more days of school and falling behind due to unmet health care needs.

Is there a legal responsibility for school officials to control cyberbullying that occurs off school grounds and outside of the school day? Yes, for multiple reasons.

One aspect of effective governance is looking ahead to where you want your district or organization to be and determining, after doing your research and reviewing the data, the best way to get there. Once you’re there (or close enough), you look back and evaluate what went well and what didn’t before starting the process over again. Data-driven strategic planning is not only a service MASB offers to its member districts, but also a process the MASB Board of Directors regularly goes through to determine the Association’s focus.

DashBoard, Dec. 20, 2017

For districts with labor contracts expiring this summer, now is the time to begin preparing for your labor group negotiations. Although Public Act 102 eliminated some additional bargaining topics from the table, this does not mean that the negotiation process has become easier. Indeed, with many Michigan districts still dealing with declining enrollment and decreasing revenues, it is often more difficult than ever to reach an agreement that is fiscally responsible for your district, while also satisfying the labor groups.

The House recently passed House Bills 5139-5142 and 5145, which are intended to expand and clarify career and technical education opportunities at schools across the state. During committee earlier in the week and during debate on the floor, multiple changes were made to the package. Two of the most significant changes are in HB 5140, which requires districts to maintain a list of student data to be provided to other entities for recruitment purposes, and HB 5141, which allows districts to hire noncertified teachers to teach CTE programs.

Conversations about personal branding, interviewing skills, networking and dining etiquette are just a sampling of what’s discussed on a monthly basis between students involved in the Detroit Economic Club’s Career Readiness Academy and their mentors.