DashBoard, Dec. 5, 2018

Do you have new board members taking their seats in January? If so, there are a number of items on the New Board Orientation Checklist you can get started on now, including some informal activities, such as finding opportunities to get to know them better.

ISD boards of education that hold elections under Section 614 of the Revised School Code were not affected by Public Act 233 of 2011, which moved popular school elections to even years in November. Section 614 elections for ISD school boards are still held biennially on the first Monday in June at a meeting of representatives from constituent boards of education. In 2019, the elections will be held on June 3.

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba sat down with Donna Oser, CAE, MASB's Director of Leadership Development and Executive Search Services, to discuss recent changes within the Legislature as well as the Michigan Department of Education as it relates to the superintendency and what board members and superintendents should know. Listen to the full conversation through the following links or read a transcript of the beginning below.

House Bills 6314 and 6315 advanced to the House Floor last week following minor tweaks made in committee. This legislation allows districts to apply to the State Superintendent to operate the district or a school in the district as an innovative district, which focuses on competency-based education. On Monday, MASB sent out an action alert asking members to call their legislators and urge them not to support such a significant education change in Lame Duck. There are too many questions left unanswered, and it is unclear the total impact this legislation will have on Michigan’s public education system.

DashBoard, Dec. 12, 2018

The State Board of Education held its final 2018 meeting yesterday in Lansing. It was the last meeting for outgoing Trustees Eileen L. Weiser (R-Ann Arbor) and Dr. Richard Zeile (R-Dearborn), who were able to request presentations on topics they were interested in hearing more about. Additionally, an update on the State Superintendent search was provided.

You may have six months under your belt or possibly 60 years. Even if you’re still learning, you’re a veteran board member who has the benefit of experience at the board table. Next month many of you will have new trustees at your table. Thinking back to when you were new, what guidance can you provide to ease their transition?

Lame duck activities are continuing at the Capitol in Lansing and we need your voice to let legislators know what bills will benefit your district and which to discard.

DashBoard, Dec. 19, 2018

Businesses, school districts, nonprofits and other organizations are the first recipients of nearly $15 million in Marshall Plan for Talent Innovation Grants as announced on Monday by representatives from Michigan’s Talent and Economic Development Department and Department of Education.

In January, most school boards conduct their annual organizational meeting. The general purpose of the meeting is to organize the board by electing officers and appointing committee members for the upcoming year and to approve items that must be considered on an annual basis. Here are some common questions we get about organizational meetings:

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba sat down with Scott Koenigsknecht, Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent for the Michigan Department of Education's P-20 Systems and Student Transitions, to discuss what Michigan public schools have done and still need to do when it comes to special education and ensuring the success of all students across the state.

Last night, despite objections from the Michigan Department of Education, which will be charged with the development and implementation, the Senate approved the A-F letter grade accountability system sending it to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk for signature. The rules were suspended to hold the vote without first having a public committee hearing on the final draft.