DashBoard, Feb. 6, 2019

Ever wonder why some school boards can be really effective while others are not? Research compiled by the Center for Public Education indicates that there are eight common characteristics for effective school boards, i.e., boards that positively impact their district’s student achievement.

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba sat down with MASB Director of Government Relations Jennifer Smith and MASB Assistant Director of Government Relations Mitch Albers to talk about the 2018 Lame Duck session and where does public education stand now with new leadership in Lansing.

Michigan State University researchers recently released a study that outlines what many in the education community have been saying for a while—Michigan is not adequately funding its public schools. Specifically, the study states that Michigan ranks last among states in total education revenue growth following the passage of Proposal A. According to the report, total revenue for Michigan schools has declined by 30% since 2002 when adjusted for inflation.

A recent amendment to the Open Meetings Act, Public Act 485 of 2018, requires school boards to establish procedures that accommodate a school board member’s absence due to military duty.

DashBoard, Feb. 13, 2019

Last night, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered her first State of the State Address. Overall, her speech did not include a lot of specific details, but was more of an overview of issues she wants to address. She will deliver her first budget in about two weeks and that will include more details on her priorities.

As part of MASB’s 2019 Winter Institute this past weekend, we joined together on Friday, Feb. 8 with the Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators for a collaborative learning opportunity focused on One Vision—Working, Leading and Succeeding Together.

ISD boards of education that hold elections under Section 614 of the Revised School Code were not affected by Public Act 233 of 2011, which moved popular school elections to even years in November. Section 614 elections for ISD school boards are still held biennially on the first Monday in June at a meeting of representatives from constituent boards of education. This year, the elections will be held on June 3.

DashBoard, Feb. 20, 2019

The Open Meetings Act was recently amended by Public Act 467 of 2018 to allow school boards to meet in a closed session “to consider security planning to address existing threats or prevent potential threats to the safety of the students and staff.” The effective date for the amendment is March 27, 2019.

There’s the saying that “winning is everything.” But it’s pretty rare, especially when it comes to instances such as contract negotiations, that everyone is going to walk out with everything they want, exactly how they want it. Compromise is going to come into play at some point, sometimes successfully and other times not so much. So, what can be done to reach a more ideal solution for all parties involved?

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba sat down with Senior Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick and discussed a wide-range of issues including his 50 years in the media industry, the Michigan political arena and more.

DashBoard, Feb. 27, 2019

Directors are elected by MASB member districts to serve up to three-year terms. Ballots for four Regions (3, 6, 7 and 8) and Group V were distributed via email to superintendent secretaries for each district to cast its vote in this year’s elections, which are due by next Wednesday, March 6 at 1 p.m.

For the last 26 years, the SET SEG Foundation and MASB have partnered to give Education Excellence Awards to programs that show leadership in public education and a positive impact on the lives of students. The 10 recipients being recognized in 2019 were recently announced.