2020 MASB Annual Leadership ConferenceClinic Sessions

Friday, Nov. 6, 2020

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.


To aid attendees interested in focusing on specific topics, Clinic Sessions are organized into the following categories:

Governance and Executive Leadership

Governance and Executive Leadership—Effective leadership skills are necessary to transform public education. Learn how to align resources to the achievement of district standards and priorities, get updates on legal decisions impacting education, understand education reform, collaborate with diverse stakeholders and make better personal use of technology.
Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing)—Learn how to deal creatively and collaboratively with economic challenges, diminishing resources and local bond initiatives.
School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships—Learn the different roles and responsibilities of the board and superintendents, as well as how to collaborate and develop long-term successful relationships inside and outside the system.
Student Achievement, Accountability and Data Student Achievement, Accountability and Data—Understand and use data to inform strategy and board decision. Gain an understanding of the conditions that optimize teaching and learning, narrow or eliminate the achievement gap, improve accountability and foster continuous improvement within a system.
Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment—Support, environment and wellness profoundly affect student outcomes. Learn about factors that support and hinder these critical inputs to student learning, as well as strategies to address challenges.
Technology + Learning Solutions Technology + Learning Solutions—Technology is transforming how students learn. Learn about emerging research and technologies, practical strategies and real-life solutions.

Governance and Executive Leadership Executive Orders, Statutes, Policies and Regulations:  Managing Compliance Issues During a Crisis

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This session will focus on challenges encountered by district school boards and district leaders during times of crisis. A discussion of strategies for dealing with compliance issues while maintaining operations and delivering educational services will be held.

Presenters: Patrick Corbett, Neola, Inc. and Charyn Hain, Varnum LLP

Governance and Executive Leadership Leading in a Time of Crisis: Pre-existing Conditions Prevail

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Hear one school district's story about how its collaborative and caring culture, strategic vision and focus on innovative practices enabled it to transform over a weekend from brick-and-mortar schools with face-to-face instruction to its Cloud Learning Initiative without missing a beat.

Presenters: Gerald Hill, Superintendent, Stacy Brickman, School Board President, Deanna Barash, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction, Eric Whitney, Assistant Superintendent of Talent Development and Management, and Kim Abel, WBEA President, West Bloomfield School District

Governance and Executive Leadership Title IX Best Practices: Handling Harassment and Discrimination at Your District 

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Title IX cases in public schools are on the rise and violations include a wide range of allegations including molestation, sex discrimination and sexual, verbal, visual and physical harassment. With an escalation in the frequency and severity of Title IX cases, it is important for districts to learn how to properly navigate these claims. Join experts from Michigan’s largest school insurance pool and a Michigan-based defense attorney to learn how Title IX will affect your current policies and processes for handling these issues. We will discuss best practices in preventing these issues, advise what to do should an incident occur and share the five common but critical mistakes to avoid.

Presenters: Janet Sluiter, Claim Manager, SET SEG and John L. Miller, Education Law Attorney and Timothy J. Mullins, Lead Education and Governmental Law Attorney, Giarmarco Mullins and Horton, P.C. 

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) The Two Timelines of a Bond Campaign

Every school finance election has two timelines. If you plan to have an election in the next couple of years, your school district is in "Timeline One" right now. Attend this session to see where you are on the continuum and the steps you should take to have a successful election.      Why should you care? Planning now for Timeline One will make Timeline Two much easier and provide better success at the polls.

Presenters: Jeff Atkins, Project Planner, Barton Malow and William Banach, CEO, Banach, Banach & Cassidy

School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships From the Ground Up—Grassroots Advocacy Made Easy!

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This session will encourage members to become strong public education advocates for K-12 students and their districts through tips on how advocacy can be made easy and effective. Participants will not only learn the tools to engage in the legislative process, but how to grow grassroots advocacy efforts in their region and essentially build community-based coalitions.

Presenters: De'Shondria Bedenfield, Policy Analyst and Grassroots Coordinator and Jeff Cobb, Assistant Director of Government Relations, MASB

School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships Make an Investment in Your Superintendent

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Invest for SUCCESS! You have selected the leader of your district; now it’s time to make sure he/she continues to grow in that role. Professional development is critical to the success of your superintendent. Districts that support the professional growth of their leaders will ultimately add to their overall success. This session will explore opportunities and the programming needed to add to the longevity of your district leader.   

Presenter: Tina Kerr, Ph.D. Executive Director, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators

Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment All Learning is Social and Emotional

Our children’s emotional development is too important to be an add-on or an afterthought, too important to be left to chance. Integrated SEL empowers every teacher to help students develop skills that will serve them in the classroom and throughout their lives. Consider the ways in which your school system can build students’ sense of identity and their belief in their ability to learn, overcome challenge and influence the world around them. 

Presenter: Dominique Smith, Ed.D., Director of Student Services at Health Sciences High & Middle College, San Diego, Calif.

Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment School Safety in a Post-Pandemic America: The Critical Need for an All-Hazards Approach 

There are critical lessons to be learned about school safety in a post-pandemic America—and not all of them have to do with infectious disease. In this timely, interactive session, we'll explore the critical need for an all-hazards approach to school safety that empowers school districts to plan for, prevent and respond to a wide array of natural and man-made hazards. Vital, but often overlooked crisis response principles, such as threat assessment, continuity of operations planning, stakeholder communication, parent reunification, violence prevention initiatives and improving school culture will be explored in a pragmatic, research-based fashion.

Presenters: Amy Klinger, Director of Programs and Amanda Klinger, Director of Operations, The Educator’s School Safety Network