2020 MASB Annual Leadership ConferenceClinic Sessions

Friday, Nov. 6, 2020

1:15 – 2:15 p.m.


To aid attendees interested in focusing on specific topics, Clinic Sessions are organized into the following categories:

Governance and Executive Leadership

Governance and Executive Leadership—Effective leadership skills are necessary to transform public education. Learn how to align resources to the achievement of district standards and priorities, get updates on legal decisions impacting education, understand education reform, collaborate with diverse stakeholders and make better personal use of technology.
Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing)—Learn how to deal creatively and collaboratively with economic challenges, diminishing resources and local bond initiatives.
School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships—Learn the different roles and responsibilities of the board and superintendents, as well as how to collaborate and develop long-term successful relationships inside and outside the system.
Student Achievement, Accountability and Data Student Achievement, Accountability and Data—Understand and use data to inform strategy and board decision. Gain an understanding of the conditions that optimize teaching and learning, narrow or eliminate the achievement gap, improve accountability and foster continuous improvement within a system.
Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment—Support, environment and wellness profoundly affect student outcomes. Learn about factors that support and hinder these critical inputs to student learning, as well as strategies to address challenges.
Technology + Learning Solutions Technology + Learning Solutions—Technology is transforming how students learn. Learn about emerging research and technologies, practical strategies and real-life solutions.

Governance and Executive Leadership A Time for AND & WITH—An Exploration Into Restorative Leadership 

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, instances of racial injustice and a national election, school leaders are navigating the most polarizing time of their careers. In light of this how might leaders transform their districts to be restorative spaces that move toward “AND/WITH” approaches? Inspired by “Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools” (Thorsborne and Blood) and “Unleashing the Positive Power of Differences” (Kise), this session will engage participants in selected activities, including constructing meaning around the social discipline window and fair process, as well as managing polarities. Participants will leave this session with tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented in their own context. 

Presenters: Martin Chaffe, Leadership Consultant, Julie McDaniel, Student Safety and Well-Being Consultant and Jenelle Williams, Literacy Consultant, Oakland Schools

Governance and Executive Leadership Ethics and Fraud Prevention

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Learn about common ethical dilemmas that arise in schools. Examine examples of actual fraud that has occurred at local school districts and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. 

Presenters: Carol Patridge, Principal/Auditor, Taylor Diener, Manager/Auditor and Jennifer Watkins, Principal/Auditor, Yeo & Yeo CPAs and Business Consultants

Governance and Executive Leadership Understanding Your Annual Audit: A Guide to Effective Oversight​ 

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This presentation will provide a general overview of the school district audit process, while placing specific emphasis on areas of interest for those charged with governance. This will include a discussion of best practices for effective oversight of a school business office, aiming to provide attendees with additional tools for evaluating compliance and performance. Also included is a synopsis of the Federal Compliance Audit and its relationship to federal grants administered by a district; a summary of audit considerations for a prospective bond issuance; and an update on current events associated with the novel coronavirus and its impact on school districts for their fiscal year 2021 audits.

Presenters: Adriane Schrauben, Audit Shareholder, Marc Sawyers, Audit Manager, Mike Gruennert, Audit Manager and Carol Schachermeyer, Senior Audit Manager, Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Capital Projects and School Construction: From Concept to Breaking Ground

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Learn the fundamentals of completing a capital project—from developing the initial project scope and planning phase, drafting effective bond proposals and the importance of the construction contracts and the bidding process. Attorneys specialized in both finance and construction will coordinate with other critical players in the school bond and construction process, including the financial advisor and architect or construction manager, to provide a complete picture of the process from start to finish. Walk away understanding the importance of coordinating with the district’s professional team to ensure a smooth process.   

Presenters: Fredric Heidemann, Attorney, Thrun Law Firm and Nate Watson, Director, PFM Financial Advisors

School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships Student Representatives on Your School Board—The What, the Why and the How

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Student representatives on your board of education can ensure student voice is a part of board governance. Students are why we serve and including them in the process of governance is critical for high-achieving districts. This session will highlight the why, including first-hand accounts from a current student representative. It will also highlight how to make this a reality and share insights into the possibilities that student voice at the board table can provide. 

Presenters: Bill O'Brien, Superintendent and Stan Miller, School Board President, Mona Shores Public Schools

School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships Superintendent Retention and Turnover: Lessons From the Literature

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Researchers report that the average superintendent tenure across the country is approximately five years and that superintendent turnover can contribute to organizational dysfunction and adversely impact student achievement. This session will examine the factors that contribute to superintendent turnover and retention, as well as the recruitment and hiring processes. Come prepared to share your experiences!  

Presenter: Wilfred Cwikiel, Superintendent, Beaver Island Community School

Student Achievement, Accountability and Data Combatting Chronic Absenteeism—The Latest Research

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School Meals Marketing Toolkit

CBP—Strategies to Maximize FRP Application Collection

Nearly 300,000 students in Michigan during the 2018-2019 school year were “chronically absent,” meaning they missed at least 10% or more of school days per year. School officials around the nation are focused on finding ways to reduce this number. Many schools, however, already have an effective and powerful tool at their disposal—school breakfast. We will share compelling new research on how effective serving breakfast after the bell can be to reducing chronic absenteeism in Michigan schools.  

Presenters: Mindy Grant, Breakfast Grant Program Manager and Stephanie Willingham, Supervisor, Michigan Department of Education/No Kid Hungry

Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment Cartoonversation Read-Along: Bringing Kids, Cops and Classrooms Together for Good and for Free

Looking for a way to talk with kids about school safety, bullying, social media and more? Then take a look at the Cartoonversation Read-Along—law enforcement, kids and educators coming together to watch cartoons, laugh, talk and build lasting relationships and stronger communities. There is no prep time needed, no additional special skills. All materials are free for every school in Michigan and all materials are aligned with state teaching standards and SEL core competencies.  

Presenter: Tim Wheeler, Owner, Wheeler Creative Studios

Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment #MASBHealthy: Bring Your Whole Self to the Board Table

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Leadership requires a multitude of skills, including self-care, self-awareness and communication.  This session will provide strategies participants can implement in and out of meetings to help build personal skills and routines designed to ensure they’re taking care of themselves so they can then take care of others.  

Presenters: Shelley Davis Boyd, M.B.A., Director of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, Greg Rokisky, Assistant Director of Marketing, MASB