Governor Extends Stay Home Order, MASB Takes Questions on EO 2020-35

Jennifer Smith

By Jennifer Smith, MASB Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, April 15, 2020

Last Thursday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order would be extended until April 30, 2020. She also announced some tightening of rules. You may still leave your home for necessities like obtaining food and medicine and to check on vulnerable family members, but she’s urging stores to limit the number of people inside and to rope off sections that are not considered to be necessities.

As you know on Thursday, April 2, 2020, the Governor issued Executive Order 2020-35, which ended face-to-face instruction in all Michigan public schools. We also held a Views From the Capitol COVID-19 edition last week where we talked about changes that began with the emergency declaration on March 10 through the latest executive orders. If you missed that webinar, it is now available to view online.

On April 7, the House and Senate both voted to extend the Governor's emergency order powers until April 30, 2020. Senate Concurrent Resolution 24, sponsored by Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake), extends the Governor’s abilities to address the outbreak of the coronavirus. It was passed by voice vote in both chambers.

The Governor had requested that the order be extended for an additional 70 days due to the unknown length of time it will take to contain the pandemic. An amendment for this amount of time was proposed in the Senate but was rejected. The Legislature may have to return again by April 30 to extend the order.

MASB is continually updating its webpage dedicated to COVID-19 with resources, information and guidance, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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