DashBoard, July 10, 2019

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba spoke with leadership from the Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals and Michigan School Business Officials.

The Legal Team here at MASB is fielding more and more questions from board members concerning the issue of district complaints that are informally brought to their attention by parents, teachers or other community members. Perhaps a community member has approached them to discuss how the superintendent allegedly mishandled a discipline situation, or a teacher has initiated a conversation regarding what they believe to be misconduct by a principal. The board member does not want to be perceived as an individual who simply ignores complaints, but also is unsure of what, if any, action they should take.

Michigan no longer needs "intervention" to meet federal special education requirements but still needs "assistance," according to state education officials.

DashBoard, July 24, 2019

Career exploration. . .free meals. . .literacy/academic assistance. . .districts around the state are offering programs in these areas and more during the summer “break.” We heard from so many about the amazing opportunities they have available that we’ll cover a few in this issue of DashBoard, and the remaining ones in the Aug. 7 edition.

In general, people who serve on nonprofit boards or in local government are peaceful and compliant. But every once in a while, you get a rogue board member. What can be done? We believe that it’s important for boards to be prepared to sanction rogue members when necessary.

With the legislative break in full swing, now is the perfect time for board members to practice their advocacy skills and get community members updated and involved on key issues impacting Michigan’s children. MASB’s Grassroots Advocacy Program, launched this past spring, will help you do just that!

The MASB Board of Directors has elected officers to lead the Association’s governing body for the 2019-2020 year.

Development opportunities are one of the services we pride ourselves on delivering here at MASB. We understand that ongoing education enables our members to serve effectively. The commitment to continuous learning is something the MASB Board of Directors also is dedicated to, and I was fortunate to be able to sit in on several insightful presentations at the Board Retreat last week.

In the most recent MI SoundBoard podcast, Executive Director Don Wotruba spoke with Jinghong Cai, Ph.D., a research analyst with the Center for Public Education in Washington D.C. Listen to the full conversation through the following links or read a transcript of part of their conversation.