DashBoard, March 4, 2020

While there have been no reported cases in our state, the likelihood is increasing that the current public health issue known as COVID-19 could impact Michiganders. To help with communications and management, a number of resources, including those specific to school districts, have been introduced by both the federal and state governments, as well as several organizations.

The 2020 Census is quickly approaching and MASB is working with state and local officials to promote and educate the public about the importance of filling out the nine-question questionnaire. Why is it important to make sure that all Michigan residents are counted? The federal government uses the data to determine funding for critical education, health and housing programs. A complete count is vital to ensuring that our state receives the resources we need to serve our communities.

Ballots for Regions 1 and 2 positions on the MASB Board of Directors are due today by 1 p.m. The voting link was provided via email to your district's superintendent secretary.

DashBoard, March 18, 2020

How can we not talk about the coronavirus? COVID-19. Sixty-five cases in Michigan as of this writing. Schools shut down until at least April 5. Parents scrambling for safe childcare and trying to figure out their work situation. Social distancing and quarantines (and those who aren’t following the recommended guidelines). Store shelves gone bare. People profiteering off a pandemic by stockpiling supplies and selling them for an extreme markup. Businesses suffering. Lives lost. 

No action occurred yesterday on a bipartisan solution to keep school employees paid and forgive school districts for the days of education missed due to the ongoing school closures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The Michigan Education Association, AFT Michigan, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators and Michigan Association of School Boards issued the following statement in response to the Senate’s adjournment without action on the issue:

Following is guidance regarding holding school board meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Michigan Association of School Boards is excited to announce that Megan McVittie, M.Ed. and Whitney Haughey, CMP have recently joined the Leadership Development and Executive Search Services Department.

By Ashleigh Draft and Charyn Hain, Varnum LLP
May a teacher talk with a class about her participation in a Black Lives Matter rally over the weekend? Or wear a button that supports a particular political candidate? What about this same type of speech outside the classroom? The 2020 election cycle will likely bring such questions into sharp relief and districts are well advised to tread with care due to the legally complicated and politically charged nature of these issues. 
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