Member Kudos: President's Award Recipients Cindy Gansen and Sherry Steffen

DashBoard, April 1, 2015

Eight members earned the President's Award of Recognition in 2014, the highest individual honor in MASB's CBA Program. MASB staff asked each of these dedicated life-long learners to share a few thoughts. This week, we hear from:

Cindy Gansen (Flushing Community Schools and Genesee ISD) Sherry Steffen (Elk Rapids Public Schools)


How many years have you served on your boards?

Cindy: I have been on the GISD board seven years and the Flushing Board 14 years.

Sherry: 24 years

When did you take your first CBA class?

Cindy: 1999

Sherry: March 3, 1992—CBA 103 on School Finance/Budgeting and March 5, 1992—CBA 104 on School Law

What has been your favorite class?

Cindy: The data classes.

Sherry: K-12 Technology, Student Achievement and Accountability, Goal Setting, Policy Development and Oversight

What is the #1 reason you continued to take the courses necessary to achieve Level 7 recognition?

Cindy: To have the most up-to-date knowledge to make informed decisions on my local boards.

Sherry: For me, I take the courses MASB has available so I can be the best board member possible. My enrollment in the courses and participation at the local and state levels isn't about the recognition. However, for MASB to have a recognition program at various levels of achievement is sincerely appreciated. To honor a board member's dedication to continued education proves how important their role and responsibilities are. When it comes to having a resource to obtain updated knowledge and be a part of a great support network in order to make solid decisions with the students' education as the main focus, MASB courses are the perfect choice and opportunity.

What is some of the information that has really stuck with you?

Cindy: Probably some of the most current information about the need for Advocacy for public education and talking to our legislators.

Sherry: The importance of having collaborative representation in the legislative arena.
The importance of the ISD.
Policy responsibilities of the board.
Legal responsibilities of the board.
The extreme importance of choosing the best superintendent possible.
Curriculum delivery for all learners.

Additional Comments?

Cindy: Being a school board member is very rewarding when you hear the success stories of students!

Sherry: To be a part of the educational arena is very rewarding. I would encourage everyone to become involved. Consider helping with a program at school such as being a reading buddy at the elementary level, sharing your talent or business profession during career days, sew costumes for the school play, offer to sit on the school health committee or consider running for the board. The number of ways to become engaged with students and educational success are endless. Join in on the fun and help make a difference.

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