Provide Your Input About This Year’s State Budget Recommendations

De'Shondria Bedenfield

By De'Shondria Bedenfield, MASB Policy Analyst and Grassroots Coordinator

DashBoard, Feb. 19, 2020

With the Governor’s budget proposal being released earlier this month, now is the perfect time to let your opinion be heard by contacting your state legislators with information on how it will impact your district.

Budget season is a critical time to get engaged and stay involved. For the next few months, funding proposals will be one of the main issues being discussed throughout the state. As you know, the state budget sets the foundation for your school year. It allows your district to make important decisions regarding hiring staff, which student services and programs to provide, and the day-to-day functions of your district.

Since the House and Senate have yet to release their budget recommendations, it’s a great time to start building relationships with lawmakers. Contact their office via email, phone or by scheduling an in-person visit. As a board member, highlight what you think are positive aspects of the Governor’s proposal as well as things that you may not agree with. If there are changes that you would like to see, tell your legislator where you would like to see more or fewer funds allocated. Personalize it by sharing stories from your district. Remember, there is no harm in giving suggestions or recommendations on issues that are important to you and your district. Always keep in mind that legislators are people too and they can be influenced.

If you or your board are not sure where to start in regard to advocacy, MASB has a simple solution for navigating the legislative obstacle course this budget cycle.

Take advantage of our free Grassroots Advocacy Program. These in-district workshops can help your board go from beginners to polished advocates in no time!

Not only will your board become better advocates, but you will become knowledgeable in how to involve your district and community to create regional grassroots coalitions. By including others in this process and making them aware of major issues that affect their community, there is a greater likelihood in being able to move the needle forward and have a greater impact. The more voices, the better!

The budget process has just begun and is expected to be done by July 1, so don’t miss this opportunity to be an advocate and let your voice be heard! Again, if you need any assistance with methods, messaging, anything advocacy related, don’t hesitate to contact the MASB Government Relations Team.

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