Results are in for MASB Board of Directors Open Positions

Joel Gerring

By Cheryl Huffman, MASB Board Liaison

DashBoard, April 1, 2015

In addition to the three new MASB Directors that were introduced in last week's DashBoard (Jill Fennessey and Stephen Hyer, and appointment of Annie Carter by Detroit Public Schools' emergency manager), the following directors were re-elected and approved at the March 13 Board of Directors' meeting:

Region 1—Brad Baltensperger, Holton-Portage Township Schools

Region 2Mark McKulsky, Iosco RESA

Region 5Janice Holz, Huron ISD

Region 6Michael Rochholz, Schoolcraft Community Schools

Region 7Lillian Fields, Jackson County ISD

Group VIIPeter Spadafore, Lansing School District

The Board of Directors is comprised of 19 Directors—16 are elected from the eight regions (i.e., two from each region); and one Director per group is elected from Groups V, VI and VII. 

Each Director is a qualified trustee of an active or academy member board of education and has attained Level One Certification at the time of his or her nomination to office.

View the full MASB Board of Directors here.

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