Silver Linings: Introducing #MASBHealthy

Greg Rokisky

By Greg Rokisky, MASB Assistant Director of Marketing

DashBoard, April 1, 2020

Silver linings. Four syllables that might not mean as much to others have truly helped reframe my perspective during this historic pandemic we’re currently facing as a global population. At the end of the day, I have to reckon with the fact that I can only control so much, and I’ve attempted to lean more into those aspects rather than what I can’t control and let my body respond accordingly (this is hard coming from a very Type A control freak). Fluctuations of joy, anxiety and fear are now part of this new, yet temporary, normal.

A note: Before I get too far, I want to point out I am not a medical professional. I also come from a place of privilege, which allows me to help in ways others might not and provides me access to resources possibly unavailable to others. Therefore, what I write here might not be for everyone, but I will try to focus on small things most people can do that can make a big impact.


Therefore, I’m happy to share with you the launch of a new MASB initiative, #MASBHealthy, focused on caring for our whole selves. Because beyond being board members we’re also family members, friends, coworkers and so many other selves, and we have to make space to care for all of them, everyday but especially in times of crisis.

To kick off #MASBHealthy, I asked some of our staff to share how they’re caring for themselves amidst COVID-19:

Mary McCarthy, Registrar and Member Services Coordinator

Here are the ways I’ve been coping with these difficult times:

  • Setting up and teaching friends and family to Zoom (some of them told me it saved their sanity)
  • Had a Bloody Mary contest (I didn’t win)
  • Coloring
  • Walking
  • Trying new recipes like pierogis (made the dough from scratch)
  • Group yoga with my daughters
  • Eating, eating and eating

Shelley Davis Boyd, M.B.A., Director of Communications, PR & Marketing

If I were to sum it up, what helps me the most during these times is sticking to my normal routine. I still get up early to work out, meditate and have quiet time to myself. I still meal plan for the family, which now includes lunch and dinner (the kids are in charge of their breakfast). I’m lucky because I worked from home for more than 12 years, so it’s not new to me. I’m using my evening time, which used to be dedicated to running kids around, to tackle projects and reading that I’ve wanted to accomplish. Finally, I’m taking several online personal development classes.

Kris Maier, Receptionist

I was too busy to attend to my yard last fall, so I am trying to spend one hour a day to work in my yard, one flowerbed at a time. This allows me to kill four birds with one stone: clean yard, pretty beds, fresh air and exercise.

Greg Rokisky, Assistant Director of Marketing

For me it’s about finding silver linings in the small moments of each day. I’m not a stranger to working from home, and I take gratitude in being able to stick to my routine even though I don’t have a commute—the small moments like getting up and washing my face in the morning and at night make a difference for my mindset.

Because I’m washing my hands more, I use those moments to reflect on what I’m grateful for (I read about it in an article shared by a coworker). Finally, I’m trying to be more intentional with words. I’ll take a few more keystrokes to type out “thank you” instead of just saying “thanks;” and I’m working to say “I appreciate you” more and more to people in all areas of my life. These things seem small on their own but added up have made a difference for me!

The team at MASB has truly inspired me during these unique times, including their agility to shift to a work-from-home environment and still be steadfast in serving our members. Additionally, they’ve managed to prioritize creative ways to care for themselves. That’s a message I think we all can glean from this new normal—that staying healthy mentally is just as important as staying healthy physically.

What’s Next for #MASBHealthy

We want you to share with us how you are choosing to #MASBHealthy. Share your tips and ways you’re caring for yourself while also caring for your family, community, state and beyond. There are no big or small things, only steps to a healthier tomorrow to continue the fight (whatever your fight might entail)! You can share these on any social media channel and use the hashtag #MASBHealthy, or simply email them to and we may share them as we revisit this topic in this newsletter or on MASB’s social media and other publications.

On behalf of the entire MASB staff, my hope is whether you’re reading this as a board member, administrator, parent or community member—that you find time to care for yourselves as much as you care for others. Find the silver linings scattered throughout each day and stay #MASBHealthy!

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