Stand Up 4 Public Schools

Stand Up 4 Public Schools

The National School Boards Association views education as a civil right that is necessary to the dignity and freedom of the American people. Local school boards are the nation’s pre-eminent expression of grassroots democracy.

Adequately funded, student-centered public schools will provide, in a safe and supportive environment, a comprehensive education for the whole child and will prepare all of America’s children for a lifetime of learning in a diverse, democratic society and an interdependent global economy. (Excerpted from Beliefs & Policies of NSBA).

MASB has joined NSBA's Stand Up 4 Public Schools campaign to support public education with various activities throughout the Association and the state. 

Make Your Voice Heard


The answer is simple: YOU!

Motivated people from all walks of life should support public education. Whether you are a parent, a political leader, a small business owner, a local or state decisionmaker, or a member of your community who believes in the American dream, when you take a stand for America’s public schools you help every child achieve world-class standards and a brighter future.


  • FACEBOOK: "Like" the campaign page and engage with the Stand Up community discussing equity and excellence in public schools.
  • TWITTER: "Follow" the campaign handle and tweet educational successes and student achievement.
  • MINDMIXER: Discuss the most urgent and pressing matters facing public schools by participating in interactive real-time conversations and instant polls.

One of Michigan's own, Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr., is the most recent celebrity advocate to sign on in support of the campaign. He addressed attendees at the NSBA Annual Conference on April 7, 2014, as he helped to tell the story of the great things happening in America's public schools. View his full speech (44 minutes) here:

Magic Johnson Stands Up 4 Public Schools

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