Superintendent Secretaries

MASB appreciates the role of the superintendent secretary. We understand that you're required to undertake many responsibilities as the go-to person for staff and school board members in your district. Not only is it your duty to serve as the recordkeeper for the board, but you also must respond to the needs of your board members and the public. From registering your board for classes and professional development events, to updating your board member information after changes to your board, MASB appreciates your efforts to keep us up-to-date. We truly view you as an important partner.


Recruiting School Board Candidates

Finding qualified candidates to fill vacancies on your board can be a difficult task. This guide was designed to help school districts recruit people to serve on the school board, and foster an understanding of what it takes to be an effective board member.

EDU Credits/Award Information (Formerly Tally Sheet)

Board Member Awards Program

Salary Survey Information—Salary survey information is collected annually and available to all members upon request. This information is only as valuable as the data we collect. Please login to Erin and ensure that we have the most up-to-date information for your district. Contact MASB Labor Relations and Legal Department to collect salary or benefit information from districts around the state.

BoardBookBoardBook is an electronic agenda-preparation tool that you access through your Web browser. It effectively takes your paper-heavy board meetings paperless. To learn more about BoardBook, contact Stacy Washington:

Member Portal

The Member Portal can be used to update your district/board member information, as well as purchase resources from the Bookstore.

Review a Video Tutorial

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Resources From Legal Counsel Brad Banasik, J.D.

Sample Resolutions for Even-Year Election Requirements

The first resolution covers keeping four-year terms for 2012 and then transitioning to six-year terms in 2014, if four board members are up for election in 2014. The second resolution addresses moving to six-year terms immediately for the 2012 election and beyond. 

Sample Acceptance of Office/Oath of Office Form
Within 10 days after the issuance of the Certificate of Election, a school board member-elect must file an Acceptance of Office with the secretary of the board. A copy must then be forwarded to the school district election coordinator. A school board member-elect who fails to file an Acceptance of Office before the 10-day deadline expires may lose his or her position on the board.

Each person elected to the board must take the prescribed Oath of Office. The oath may be given at any time after the Certification of Election. Because a school board member-elect must file an Acceptance of Office with the secretary of the board within 10 days after receiving a Certificate of Election, many school districts administer the official oath at the board’s administrative office when the Acceptance of Office is filed.

Conflicts of Interest FAQs

Legal Topics for Administrative Professionals Presentation, Dec. 9, 2014

Overview of the Open Meetings Act

Sample Closed Session Minutes

Sample Organizational Meeting Agenda

Sample Resolution of Recognition and Appreciation