Take Part in Second Michigan Census Day on June 15

Jeff Cobb

By Jeff Cobb, MASB Assistant Director of Government Relations

DashBoard, June 10, 2020

Michigan’s efforts to ensure all residents fill out the 2020 Census continue. Despite early setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan residents are responding at an impressive rate. Currently, Michigan ranks fifth overall in the country with a completion rate of more than 65%, according to a presentation from the Michigan Census Office. This is well ahead of the pace from 2010 with several activities having led to this success.

Virtual town halls continue across the state to explain the significance of the census and help residents fill out their forms. To date, these town halls have reached an estimated 30 million people. The news and media campaigns have reached an additional 35 million people through local newspapers, radio stations and tv markets.1 The texting campaign, called 20 for 20, has been very successful too. Participants are encouraged to text 20 friends and family members reminding them to fill out the form.

The goal remains to have 82% of Michigan residents fill out the census form by the end of June. To help reach this goal, phone banks led by trained volunteers are making calls to target hard-to-reach communities, including both rural and urban areas as well as college towns. Starting later this summer, paid census workers will be going to door to door to reach those who have not yet filled out the form by that time.

Finally, the state is planning to make June 15 Michigan Census Day. A similar day was held in April to raise awareness of the census and its importance. All Michigan residents are encouraged to promote the census via social media emphasizing how an accurate count is essential for the state to receive the resources and representation we deserve. Residents will also be encouraged to contact family and friends reminding them of the importance of filling out the form.

We are asking that you as school board members participate in this day and use your sphere of influence to spread the word. There are many education programs that are dependent upon federal funding and that funding is determined via the census. Completing the form is critical to our state and important for our schools, and it’s only nine questions! For more information, please visit the Michigan census website.

1 Michigan Census Office. State Complete Count Committee Meeting Presentation, May 11, 2020.

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