Time and Money Savers


BoardBook solves a common challenge facing boards—how to manage the paper devoted to board meeting agenda packets. BoardBook is an electronic agenda-preparation tool that you access through your Web browser, without the need for a new server, a dedicated Internet connection or hard-to-learn software. More than 900 organizations use BoardBook with the majority of subscribers being public school districts. Imagine having—on your desktop, right now—everything you need to prepare, publish, distribute and use the agenda packets electronically.

One quick login, and everything you need is at your fingertips, whether you're an administrative assistant compiling the packet, a board member reviewing a packet, or a superintendent/business official preparing for a meeting. Because each agenda packet is delivered as a single PDF, board members have a number of delivery options. The packets can be read both online and offline on iPads, e-book readers, laptops and other portable devices. The book style layout of the agenda packet is immediately familiar and BoardBook is one of the few electronic agenda preparation tools that creates a printable agenda packet. To learn more or to schedule a demo, contact Stacy Washington:

Michigan Purchasing Card Consortium

The Michigan Purchasing Card Consortium is similar to a credit card program. It allows districts:

  • Greater control of their expenses
  • Saves time and money
  • Offers benefits and conveniences to employees
  • Adds the credibility and support of your organization
  • Pays rebates to your district allows all districts to participate with the same low fee structure

There’s no annual fee, no transaction fees, training or material costs. Purchasing cards save time and money when compared with purchase orders. Research indicates that processing a purchase order can cost $75-120 in staff time per transaction and can take about nine steps to complete. With purchase cards, transactions cut that cost and can reduce the steps by two-thirds so staff are more productive. Purchase cards also allow for more efficient managerial control of expenditures.

MASB, MSBO and MASA are transitioning to PFM Financial Services, LLC and BMO Harris Bank N.A. as the provider for the Michigan Purchasing Card Consortium after a thorough bid process. The Consortium is open to all Michigan school districts and because the program aggregates the “spend” of a large group of schools, the bank offers rebates to participating districts. For more information, contact Robert Dwan, 517.327.5920, [email protected].

Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative

Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative was established in 1997 by MASB, MASA, MAISA, the Middle Cities Education Association and MSBO as a joint venture to take full advantage of cost-saving opportunities provided by energy deregulation.

The goal to establish a cooperative buying group, which by virtue of its size will be a force in the wholesale market both for gas and electricity, has been accomplished. MISEC has saved more than $8 million on $45 million of electric services for over 125 school districts. For more information, contact Scott Little, 517.327.5920.

Omnia Partners

Omnia Partners, formerly U.S. Communities, provides a national purchasing forum for local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education and nonprofits nationwide by pooling the purchasing power of more than 87,000 public agencies. This purchasing power enables participants to save money on office supplies, machines, school supplies and furniture, technology products and solutions, electrical and telecomm services, janitorial supplies, carpet and flooring, park and playground equipment, physical education supplies, maintenance and hardware supplies, homeland security and public safety, roofing supplies and services, and auto parts and accessories. Furthermore, the online system is easy to use, and the prices are the lowest that will be offered by participating companies to government entities nationwide.

By registering for this program you are neither committing to participate nor binding the district in any manner; your district will still have the ability to make purchasing choices outside of Omnia Partners. For more information, contact Stacy Washington:


PaySchools™ is an online payment processing system that provides schools with an easy and efficient method to collect fees and receive electronic payments for school lunches, field trips, registration, prom tickets, t-shirts and any other school-related fees.

PaySchools™ makes it possible for all schools to offer parents the convenience of online purchasing without incurring large administration or setup costs. For more information, contact Debra Maggard, 866.729.5353.


Train your staff with SafeSchools, the leading online training and compliance management system for school employees. A comprehensive library of 100 percent school-focused courses matched with a state of the art compliance management system make it easy to efficiently deliver and document training for every employee in your district.

Prepare your staff on critical topics including bloodborne pathogens, sexual misconduct, slips, trips and falls, bullying, school violence, diversity, youth suicide and more. Prevent costly lawsuits and legal expenses and protect your district in the event of an emergency! SafeSchools saves budget dollars by reducing:

  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Property and liability costs
  • Overtime expenses
  • Fees for outside trainers
  • Legal expenses

If your district has SET SEG Property Casualty and Workers’ Compensation insurance, your district has FREE access to the SafeSchools training system. Non-SET SEG districts receive substantial discounts! For training opportunities, contact Deneen Hansen.