Working With Superintendents

The board and superintendent have very distinct and separate roles. Together they form the district’s leadership team. Before an effective working relationship is established, a superintendent and board must develop a mutual understanding of their respective roles, then review and validate this understanding on a regular basis. An honest and candid discussion of the functions of each other will greatly enhance the partnership between the superintendent and the board.

As CEO of the school district, the superintendent is responsible for:

A. Implementing policy set by the board

B. Making recommendations to the board based on his/her best educational knowledge regarding:

  • Personnel
  • Curriculum
  • Budget

C. Informing the board of all vital matters pertaining to the school district

D. Developing and maintaining an efficient and effective management system for the school district

E. Delegating appropriate responsibilities and assigning duties to other employees of the district, but ultimately being accountable for their actions

F. Recommending all candidates for employment and being directly and indirectly responsible for their administration

G. Developing and improving instructional programming of the school including being alert to advances and improvements in educational programming

H. Preparing and submitting a preliminary budget to the board and managing the financial operations of the school district.

Custom Leadership Services

Superintendent Evaluation

*Please Note: MASB is no longer providing a Word version of the evaluation instrument.

Who to Contact

Superintendent Evaluation Jay Bennett, M.Ed.
Training and Facilitated Evaluation Debbie Stair, M.N.M.L.

Other resources on superintendent evaluation:


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