Doing Our Part, Individually and Collectively

Stacy Bogard

By Stacy Bogard, CAE, MASB Assistant Director of Communications & PR

DashBoard, March 18, 2020

How can we not talk about the coronavirus? COVID-19. Sixty-five cases in Michigan as of this writing. Schools shut down until at least April 5. Parents scrambling for safe childcare and trying to figure out their work situation. Social distancing and quarantines (and those who aren’t following the recommended guidelines). Store shelves gone bare. People profiteering off a pandemic by stockpiling supplies and selling them for an extreme markup. Businesses suffering. Lives lost.

But there are also reports of those doing good and positive things happening (we encourage you to use #SchoolsGetItDone when sharing yours). All of the districts that have quickly pulled together food service for children across the state (yay you!). Online museum visits, learning and communication platforms being offered for free (check out the virtual background option in Zoom—you’ll thank me later). Teachers who are finding ways to provide lessons remotely. Restaurants adjusting to carry-out and delivery options. Fresh air outings encouraged. Lots of quality family time (too soon?)! These are a small sampling of the acts that are going to get us through. And we will get through.

I know, no matter how hard we try and what we accomplish, it will not be all sunshine and roses and we won’t get through without sacrifices. There are still so many unknowns.

MASB is working to capture what we do know in a central location for you to access information like memos from the Michigan Department of Education and the Governor’s office, MASB communications, school-related news and more. The page is being updated on at least a daily basis, so please bookmark it as one of your reference points.

We’re also working with other Michigan education groups to continue to advocate on your behalf to resolve some of the big unknowns like days/hours forgiveness, state assessments, meeting requirements and more. You can help too by reaching out to your legislators and government officials via phone, email and social media.

If you haven’t already, please contact your State Senator and demand that the Senate reconvene and take action on the bipartisan-supported proposal regarding days/hours forgiveness. Send a message to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to waive the requirements around state assessments for this spring.

MASB is here for you and wants to hear from you—give us a call, reach out via email or our social media channels and pose your questions or share the good things happening in your area.

Even when we’re apart, we can still make a positive impact. Keep it up!

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