Member Assistance Fund

Members spoke up and MASB listened!

The MASB Member Assistance Fund helps defray costs of districts experiencing financial hardship or that see costs as a deterrent to accessing MASB services or events. The school board must apply for the 50% discount off a MASB service or workshop through board action* (up to $1,500), but individual board members can apply separately for 50% off member training (up to $250 for an individual). Funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*Board action must include either a copy of the minutes noting the decision or a signed letter from the district superintendent.

Process for Applying

  • Complete the online application or download a printable application
  • Submit your application within 45 days prior to utilization
  • Applications will be reviewed by the MASB Management Team as well as the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Approval will be provided within two (2) weeks of receipt of application



How are funds distributed?

Funds are on a first-come, first-serve basis and once the first year’s pool of funds is depleted they’re gone.

How will this change how I/my district registers for events?

The experience won’t change for members or administrators registering board members. Simply submit your registration for an event and, if you have also applied for financial assistance from MASB’s Fund, you’ll be contacted with next steps. Just ensure that applications for assistance are submitted 45 days or more before an event.

What is the difference between a district and board member application?

District applications are applied toward either a service or workshop that will benefit the entire district. Individual board member requests are funds intended for event registration (events that are included and promoted on MASB's calendar, including but not limited to legal, communications, advocacy, leadership workshops, CBA events and Annual Leadership Conference).

I’m confused about funding; can you further explain?

The district application, if approved, will provide 50% off up to $1,500 for district services or workshops. For example, if a district wanted a Superintendent Search estimated at $4,000 and applied for funding, the Member Assistance Fund would grant up to 50% off up to $1,500 (i.e., the district would be responsible for paying $2,500 in this case).

Additionally, if an individual was looking to attend Annual Leadership Conference at the early bird rate of $369 and two (2) CBA courses during Conference (at a rate of $99/course), for a total of $567 in fees, the Member Assistance Fund would grant up to 50% off up to $250 (i.e., the board member would be responsible for paying $317 in this case).

How far in advance do I need to apply before I want to use the funds?

For both the individual member and district options, the application must be submitted 45 days before you wish to use it. 

Additional Questions

For application inquiries or additional questions regarding the Member Assistance Fund, please contact Cheryl Huffman, Board Liaison: