Member Kudos: President's Award Recipients Paul Newman and Darlene Pomponio

DashBoard, April 8, 2015

Eight members earned the President's Award of Recognition in 2014, the highest individual honor in MASB's CBA Program. MASB staff asked each of these dedicated life-long learners to share a few thoughts. This week, we hear from:

Paul Newman Paul Newman (Genesee ISD) Darlene Pomponio Darlene Pomponio (Southgate Community Schools)

How many years have you served on your boards?

Paul: Genesee ISD for 25 years (previously served on Flint Board for 18 years)

Darlene: This is my sixth year

When did you take your first CBA class?

Paul: Mid-1970s (I think in 1975)

Darlene: I started taking the 100 series when I won the election in November 2009. I completed the 100 series before I took my seat in January.

What has been your favorite class?

Paul: Two categories: Board Responsibilities and Leadership classes

Darlene: CBA 260: Public Speaking Skills

What is the #1 reason you continued to take the courses necessary to achieve Level 7 recognition?

Paul: Every GISD board member has continued to be involved in development opportunities to provide leadership and excellence in their board responsibilities. The MASB classes, informational articles, conferences and events provides board members a solid foundation to meet their responsibilities to students, staff and the community.

Darlene: I wanted to be the most effective board member for Southgate and I did not want to “wing” it as I did not have a clue what it took to be a great board member. I had the confidence of the community who voted for me so I was determined to obtain all the knowledge I could to provide Southgate with a board member who is dedicated, responsible, and educated in the proper board member role and expectations.

What is some of the information that has really stuck with you?

Paul: Many of the keynote speakers at conferences and classes have inspired me to meet my board responsibilities, to continue to attend developmental opportunities and to serve my community.

Darlene: The role of the board member and the responsibilities. The proper way to handle issues as a public official and proper ethics in the position as well as proper protocol to handle constituent comments and board decisions.

Additional Comments?

Paul: I consider my service as a GISD board member a great privilege. No one provides more appropriate board development opportunities for board members than MASB.

Darlene: I've learned a lot from other board members and their experiences from around the state of Michigan.

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