2020 MASB Annual Leadership ConferenceClinic Sessions

Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020

1:15 – 2:15 p.m.


To aid attendees interested in focusing on specific topics, Clinic Sessions are organized into the following categories:

Governance and Executive Leadership

Governance and Executive Leadership—Effective leadership skills are necessary to transform public education. Learn how to align resources to the achievement of district standards and priorities, get updates on legal decisions impacting education, understand education reform, collaborate with diverse stakeholders and make better personal use of technology.
Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing)—Learn how to deal creatively and collaboratively with economic challenges, diminishing resources and local bond initiatives.
School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships—Learn the different roles and responsibilities of the board and superintendents, as well as how to collaborate and develop long-term successful relationships inside and outside the system.
Student Achievement, Accountability and Data Student Achievement, Accountability and Data—Understand and use data to inform strategy and board decision. Gain an understanding of the conditions that optimize teaching and learning, narrow or eliminate the achievement gap, improve accountability and foster continuous improvement within a system.
Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment—Support, environment and wellness profoundly affect student outcomes. Learn about factors that support and hinder these critical inputs to student learning, as well as strategies to address challenges.
Technology + Learning Solutions Technology + Learning Solutions—Technology is transforming how students learn. Learn about emerging research and technologies, practical strategies and real-life solutions.

Governance and Executive Leadership After It's Official: Onboarding Your New Board Member

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A well-thought-out onboarding process for newly elected/appointed trustees helps to prepare them for success and enables the board to focus on forward progress for your students. Join your colleagues in this session for lively sharing of best practices as well as pointers from a few of MASB’s veteran governance consultants!  

Presenters: Debbie Stair, M.N.M.L., Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Scott Morrell, Senior Consultant, MASB

Governance and Executive Leadership Mind Your P's and Q's—the Board Member Edition

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What are the agreements among board members about how each member will treat one another at the board table?  Whether called a code of conduct, social contract, standards of practice or guiding principles, adopting behavioral boundaries form the foundation of effective governance.  In this engaging and hands-on learning environment, board members will leverage MASB's Board of Education Governance Standards to inform performance at the board table.  Takeaways will include both personal and board action plans.  

Presenters: Deborah L. Macon, Consultant, MASB and Stacy Brickman, Board of Education President, West Bloomfield School District

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Leveraging Shared Leadership: Developing and Empowering Teacher Leaders

In this session, you’ll better understand your district's changing climate for student learning and how to support school communities to increase student achievement. You’ll also gain an understanding of the conditions that optimize teaching and learning, narrow or eliminate the achievement gap, improve accountability and foster continuous improvement within a clearly defined system. Finally, attendees will understand how shared leadership grows ownership and energy to meet the needs of the whole child within this system.  

Presenters: Julie Scott, Principal, Kayley DeWitt, Teacher, Heidi Nichols, Teacher and Michelle Spach, Teacher, Tri County Area Schools

Innovations in District Management (Including Collaboration and Resource Sharing) Special Education Dispute Resolution

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Parents and schools do not always agree as to what is appropriate for a child with a disability.  When disagreements occur, the mechanisms to resolve these disputes are potentially costly both in terms of financial expenses and relationships.  We will provide an overview of the dispute resolution mechanisms available to parents under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act.  We will also highlight common trends, developments and areas of noncompliance.  

Presenter: Jordan Bullinger, Member, Clark Hill PLC

School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships Crisis Communication

Bloomfield Hills Schools has learned a lot about crisis communication after being one of the first districts nationwide to experience a major cyber security breach, an active shooter false alarm in the 2019-2020 school year and now the response to a global pandemic. The district operated from a comprehensive crisis plan that was co-constructed with local police to ensure tight crisis collaboration. In this session, presenters will share the key lessons learned from communicating during these critical crisis situations and will share best practices for other districts to utilize in times of crisis in order to best maintain stakeholder relationships and organizational trust.  

Presenter: Shira Good, Director of Communications & Service Standards, Bloomfield Hills Schools

School Board/Superintendent/Community Partnerships School and Township Boards During the Coronavirus Recovery

Never in our lifetimes have our communities and our children's lives been so disrupted.  In Michigan, school and township board responsibilities are distinct and clearly defined, yet in this period of upheaval should we not innovate with each other to rebuild and restore our communities' progress?  This session will share success stories and work toward planning actionable initiatives within your community.  

Presenter: Neil Sheridan, Executive Director, Michigan Townships Association

Student Achievement, Accountability and Data Getting Familiar With Michigan's Parent Dashboard

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The online Parent Dashboard was developed by the Michigan Department of Education in collaboration with the Center for Educational Performance and Information to advance the State Board of Education’s vision of an easy-to-use dashboard filled with meaningful school-level data that offers a more balanced picture of school quality.    This session explores what information is available on the Parent Dashboard, resources available for districts to help communicate about the Parent Dashboard to their communities and a live walkthrough showcasing the functionality of this informational tool.  

Presenter: Chris Janzer, Assistant Director, Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability, Michigan Department of Education

Student, Family, Community, Wellness and Environment 20 Years Between Columbine and Marjory Stoneman Douglas—What are we Missing?

The greatest challenge to any safety program is the “it would never happen here” mindset.  A powerful safety program has to achieve the buy-in of all participants, be easy to execute, consistently enforced, adaptable to various concerns and never be finished!  It must grow and change to address new challenges and potential threats.  Safety training should imbed tasks and responsibilities into daily activities for all participants so that they become instinctive and second nature.  

Presenters: Regina Ferguson, Director of School Safety and Mark Warren, Executive Vice President, Strategos International and Gary Brown, Chief Safety Officer and Jeffrey C. Mills, Superintendent, Van Buren Intermediate School District